About us

Thanks for visiting our travel-school site. In this blog, we chronicle (the best we can) our family adventures – exploring and learning as we go.

About the Reys.

Tony is a Professional Sailor, Coach and Project Manager for a variety of high vibe sailing programs  (website: cloud10racing.com). Tony makes it all happen. He is the master planner and inspires us all to be more adventurous.

Lynne is a writer, oil painter, avid reader and loves her job as homeschool teacher 🙂 Some paintings can be found on lynnerey.com. Favorite subjects? Math, Literature and Poetry.  Lynne’s poetry book titled, “We Dream of Oysters” is available for sale in stores and online.

Sydney (27) lives a full and busy life as a linguist, writer and part-time producer. She also teaches English to school-children in Shanghai, China. Sydney does not travel-school with us (anymore), but she’s an important member of our life TEAM. Check out sydreyproductions.com.

Sophia (14) is an amazing artist, a voracious reader and student of the world. Sophia sails 420’s and can bake, draw, paint and DIY craft like a pro.  Her best sports are rock climbing, paddle-boarding, sailing, snorkeling, and softball. In 2018, Sophia played softball for Thompson Middle School, in Newport, RI.

Oliver (12) is an athlete in every possible way.  Baseball, golf, basketball and soccer are his main games, but there is not a sport he won’t try. Oliver is a master “speed-cuber.” He also likes sailing, art, drawing, reading, snorkeling, paddle-boarding and playing around in boats. In 2018, Oliver played baseball for Newport Little League Majors/All-Stars and Seawolves AAU teams.

We are passionate about plastic-free water and big fans of MLB (Baseball), Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, and Sponge Bob Square Pants.

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Read more about our travel-school in a Passagemaker Magazine article, Jan/Feb 2017 issue. Written by Bob Arrington.

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  1. janiscouvreux says:

    Glad to have found your blog!


    1. Lynne Rey says:

      😉 + I am excited to read your book!


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