Foodscape* is an idea that Sophia and I had … we have so many favorites and have had the best meals in every place we have visited, we thought it would be fun to share some of them! We decided to dedicate an entire post to our favorite foods and restaurants since we started our Adventure School in September.

Spanish is our favorite cuisine of all. In particular, the kids love morning ensaymadas, empanadas and bacalau (white fish). My favorite is a morning spanish tortilla and a cafe con leché. Heaven. For an early evening snack, we love to order spanish cheeses like manchego or queso de cabrales with fresh bread and olive oil and pimientos de padron – when grilled perfectly and not too spicy there is nothing better. Note: Pimientos usually become more spicy later in the season – in June they are mild and in September, watch out! Hot.

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Our favorite restaurants in Valencia are TrencadishCasa Montaña and Lambrusqueria.

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Lunch at Casa Montaña with Aunt Eva!

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In France, we are all about the breakfast menu. We love to start our day with fresh pastry, croissants, crêpes, fresh-squeezed orange juice and cafe créme.  Sophia’s favorite is ALWAYS a croissant-chocolaté. Also, a trip through France requires as many crêpes as can be found.  Our family favorite is the simple, crêpe-sucre (crêpe with sugar on top).
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In Miami, our favorite casual restaurant is Lo-Kal in Coconut Grove. The fish tacos are divine and Tony and I often order an appetizer of heirloom tomatoes too.  I admit, I have not yet tried the Key Lime Pie (voted top ten Key Lime Pies in the state of Florida), but it is on the list…
Here are some reviews:  
New Times Best of Miami
Travel + Leisure
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Our next favorite is Milos in Miami Beach.  It is an experience. We order grilled, local fish which we hand-selected with the chef. The ceviche, and MILOS SPECIAL (lightly fried zucchini, eggplant, tzatziki & kefalograviera cheese) appetizers are to die for.  The wine selection, impressive and we recommend the Greek yogurt with Kithira – thyme honey, white cherry, mandarin, whole figs – for dessert.

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El Siboney is our favorite Cuban restaurant in Key West. Tony and I both love the Ropa Vieja (it is a slow-cooked stringy beef that is delicious, though the name translates to “old clothes” in spanish). We also love the fried plantains and black beans and rice. The decor is simple, clean and un-mistakenly Cuban.  
In Key West we like My Blue Heaven for atmosphere and mojitos and Bagatelle for gorgeous wine on the upstairs balcony. We also love Pepe’s Cafe for breakfast. Fresh seafood in Key West is prevalent and delicious.
On the boat we have some of the best meals.  Breakfast is generally a hot cortado with fresh fruit and cereal. Lunch is often ham or turkey sandwiches, with fresh fruit and plantain chips. Though a favorite lunch while underway is grilled beef bratwurst on buns with ketchup or mustard!  We have a fully provisioned kitchen on Cortado including a propane grill so there is nothing we cannot cook, really.
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Some of our dinner-time specialties are grilled mahi-mahi, spaghetti and meatballs, lots of grilled fresh vegetables and pork tenderloin. We also love to grill fresh tuscan boule on the boat. 
You can see the counter-space is small but very efficient!  Remember, that we are able to grocery shop once or twice a week – which is a great benefit to power-boat cruising. I guarantee that nothing beats meals on the boat, at anchor or while cruising.  
Lastly, breakfasts with Uncle Phil…


Uncle Phil makes the kids a plate of fresh-cooked bacon every single morning during the Etchell’s regattas. We even had some J70 bacon and pancakes in Key West! We love when Phil is around and this means we always start the day well with a bountiful and balanced breakfast 🙂

So that is all for now – this is just a sampling – showcasing without a doubt, our love of food… Bon appetit!

* The title “Foodscape” is a playful connection to a friend’s website and business venture, called “Kinscape”.  Kinscape is a site-in-progress and will be a formidable player in the future of story-telling and online adventure-sharing.  See

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