A Traditional Thanksgiving

On November 24th, we tied up the boat at a friend’s dock in Ft. Lauderdale and headed to Newport. We had a fun week with Grammy and seeing many friends. It is tradition at our house on Thanksgiving to cook a gigantic fresh bird, get outside and always, always there are arts & crafts.

Highlights were early morning walks along the reservoir, Thanksgiving dessert at the Horan’s and kitchen time.  We loved being home, but missed the CORTADO and the daily adventures in the salt air. It was interesting to experience one foot in two worlds:  Life on the boat is simple, uncomplicated and days filled with single-tasking, fresh air and of course, the inherent challenges.  Life in Newport is full, wonderful and busy. We want for nothing at home and being there was a lesson in recognizing our abundance.  We have so much to be thankful for.

IMAG1016The Rey Home - Npt Life Mag (22 of 235) The Rey Home - Npt Life Mag (19 of 235) The Rey Home - Npt Life Mag (15 of 235)

Sunset on the reservoir. So nice to be home for a bit!


Lots of hot chocolate and family-in-the-kitchen time. Sydney and Sophia made homemade bread!

IMG_20141127_153542 IMG_20141127_153534 IMG_20141127_153526 IMG_20141127_153516 IMG_20141127_153510IMG_20141127_132050

Thanksgiving day arts and crafts: this year we changed it up a little from our typical “Pilgrims and Indian headfeathers” and made Turkey Hats!

IMG_20141127_132207 IMG_20141127_143956

Everyone with a job to do… from setting the table to watching football.


Thanksgiving day: A delicious feast donning our beautiful creations.


Sophia received a lovely bouquet of flowers from her friends, wishing her an exciting 11th birthday later in December. For the kids, seeing friends and family was the most important part of our visit home. We are blessed with a close and loving family and many cherished friends. Again, we have much to be thankful for…

After one very short week and many hours in the office, we packed up our backpacks and computers and returned to Ft. Lauderdale and life on the boat.

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