Wishing for Snow

When leaving Cortado in a Marathon boatyard for a new bathroom refit, we said goodbye to our sunny Florida coastal life and wished OUTLOUD, strong and hard for snow when we arrived in Newport the following day. Tony flew to Antigua for a regatta and the kids and I hoped we might get to experience some cold flurries.

In one day, we went from the warm, flat calm of Marathon, FL…
to shoveling snow, fire in the fireplace, and cold-cold-cold…
Playing around in the snow was a dream come true for us.

We could not believe our luck. We arrived in Providence with snow already starting to fall, and only a few hours to provision the house, pick up the mail and settle in for the first Blizzard of 2015.  We love our house, and to be snowed-in for two weeks was a dream.

Sydney visited for a weekend, we spent solid, quality time with friends, our team WON THE SUPERBOWL and most important of all, we met our sweetest new little “cousin” Paolina.  There was not a thing in the world more important than meeting and holding her. We love little Paolina with all our hearts. What a beautiful and lucky girl!  Welcome to the world, little Miss P!


DSC_1100-SMILEDSC_1102-MOTIONDSC_1107-MOTIONDSC_1115new superbowl
Our visit home included knitting, games, lots of cooking and attending church at Channing Unitarian. NE Patriots won the Superbowl in a great game against the Seattle Seahawks, whoop whoop!
Time at home also means doctors visits. Above is a pic of Sophia preparing a gift for the tooth-fairy after losing two primer teeth at the dentist.
DSC_1196DSC_1188School these two weeks were focused on art, art history, science and math.
The paintings above are Sophia and Oliver’s renditions of Claude Monet’s
“Lady with a Parasol” and “The Old Fort at Antibes”.
We also re-created masters’ works  in Matisse and enjoyed a private tour of the National Museum of  American Illustration. The museum is in Newport, and is the 2nd largest  collection of Norman Rockwell paintings. They also house the largest  collection of Maxfield Parrish originals in the world.
Kitchen science!
The kids played outside for days on end and we were not in the least bit bothered by the snow and cold, until days flowed into nights of cold, ice and the general inconvenience of winter. Our thin-skins of warm weather quickly beckoned us back to Florida and our Cortado home.
We had to cut our trip home a little short in order to travel in-between snow storms. 
Next Stop… Coconut Grove, Miami.

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