Ode to Cortado

We have exciting news. As of today, Cortado has a new owner in Jacksonville, FL.

While this change has been in the queue for us, it does not lessen the hard fact that we will miss her. We outgrew her size, but not her heart.

Our beautiful boat gave us much joy, adventure, comfort and safety.

She was more than a 1973 classic 40′ Huckins, she was part of the family. As we move on to our next family escapade, we pray her new owners love and care for her as much as we have.

Ode to Cortado 

There is something

Oddly comforting

About the trains

in Jacksonville.

It takes awhile 

to appreciate

the loud heartbeat of the tracks,

And then.

There is something 

Simple and kind

about loving 

a boat.

You think 

she can’t love you 


But she does. 

Her mahogany walls

Are like the smooth hide 

of a strong,

racing horse.

There is something

Soothing and peaceful 

about sleeping 

on a boat. 

There’s a gentle, sweet motion.

Because the hull

knows the water, 

like they’ve grown up together.


and playing until dark.

As the night trains 

Run fast on their steel legs

We bask and float

in its familiar sound 

and smile, 

Knowing the love is real.


(Lynne Rey, 2017)

(artwork by Oliver 2014, at age 8)

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