“We Dream of Oysters”

Hurrah! The book has arrived and ready for all you poetry lovers out there…  *If you requested a copy reserved for you, I have it. Please use the link below and give me your mailing details.

Composing this little book has been a lot of fun and an experience I will treasure forever.  I would never have written a word without the encouragement of my family and dear friends. Thank you for your unyielding support.

How to order your copy of “We Dream of Oysters”  ~

1. E-mail me at reys@gotimbalero.com, and we can coordinate your order directly (this might be the fastest option if you are nearby + if we can meet, then no shipping!).

2. Order via amazon.com by clicking here.

3. There is a PayPal link  below.

Lots of ways to get your own copy, and support the arts! I appreciate every order.    ~ thank you and enjoy!

Poetry Chap Book: We Dream of Oysters

“We Dream of Oysters” is a modern chap book for the awkward and lovely. Raw, honest, delicious middle-of-the-night poetry written by a ‘Mom-tornado with bad hair and shoes that don’t go’… 70pp, softcover ($16 plus $4 US shipping) Please include a shipping address. Email to: reys@gotimbalero.com


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    1. Check out my blog when you get the chance


      1. Lynne Rey says:

        Yes I will!


  1. Carol Hedback says:

    Put this on your Facebook page

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  2. Albert & Pat Dilger says:

    Reserve one for me.

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    1. Lynne Rey says:

      I have one set aside for you. I hope you like it xo


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