Risk-taking, Relationships, and Trust

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it. –Paulo Coelho in the  Alchemist

Recently, I had the good fortune to sit down with long-time friends Bj and Jess Gumkowski (world renowned athletes, teachers, coaches, nutritionists and generally higher level humans) to chat about life a bit. As she gestures, open hands to the air around us, Jess asks the big questions, like: How did we get here?

Was it an accident? Luck? Certainly not expert planning, because the universe doesn’t work that way. Perhaps it is  just unrestricted dreaming and relentless self-trust.

Make no mistake, I am not training for the next Ironman, but I can talk a wide mile around risk-taking, relationships, and homeschooling-on-the-go. Also, I am the primary “athletic supporter” in our family (yes. I said that). Being a wife, mother and teacher in a sporty, competitive, travel-y family requires extra work on my part in regards to logistics, record-keeping, nutrition and overall support.  I have learned to deal with some low-level anxieties that can accompany a life of perpetual travel through meditation and mindfulness. I have learned to make time for myself in creative ways – even on the boat – through painting and writing poetry. I have also learned that opportunities arise when we least suspect them and living a life that is prepared to say “yes” to those opportunities is the way to go.  Any given moment can change our life trajectory – so we try to be ready for whatever comes our way.

Click here to listen to my recent chat with Jess and Bj on the YogiTriathlete podcast. It was profound fun to talk about our life paths and what happens when we trust ourselves and others. The podcast is a slow but powerful burn (117 minutes!) of parenting strategies, boat-life, travel, meditation and giving back… it’s casual and breezy, yet wildly intimate.

So, be the tippy top of your pyramid! and be ready for what you wish for, lest you get the chance to live your dream. If I can inspire just one person to have faith in what the universe holds for them… Well, that is my goal.

Podcast: yogitriathlete.com


  • Note: All photos in this post were taken in the Abacos in winter/spring 2019.  Seeing recent video and photos of all the places we love in Abaco and Grand Bahama are heartbreaking post Hurricane Dorian. This past spring we lived in Hopetown on Elbow Cay for three months where the kids had many friends, joined the junior sailing team, learned to play pickleball and more. I volunteered at the local primary school teaching math to K-4th graders and I miss and worry about my students every single day. If you are looking for a DIRECT way to send much-needed funds to these devastated communities, please consider donating to:
  • The Hopetown Primary School GoFundMe page:  http://bit.ly/helpforhopetownprimaryschool
  • This is the web link to the Hopetown Fire and Rescue service on the island.http://htvfr.org/index.html
  • The Paypal button on the bottom of the page works, it’s easy, and the funds will go directly to aid a community of great people who face a mountain ahead of them. Thank you friends.

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  1. Hi, we’re reading your stuff as we prep to leave in November and start homeschooling the kids. I’m making sure my wife reads your stuff and I do too- Thanks for writing it-



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    1. Lynne Rey says:

      Hi Chad, I am so happy for you guys! It’s hard to leave the dock that first time – but SO worth it! Good luck in your adventures –

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi, thanks for the reply back…hoping we have an engine back in so we can leave the dock…we’re working on it-

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