Adventure School, Part Two. Newport, RI

Week Two of “Adventure School” started off with a nice visit from Sydney and Dan, a baseball game, and all the family celebrating two August birthdays.

Our days are not too different than when the kids were in school up the street. Oliver played baseball, which is always super fun to watch!  This week tony is racing J70’s in Newport everyday with a local team… it is a crazy week here packing, organizing for 5 weeks, 3 countries and multiple climates  –  also bringing SCHOOL with us!


Newport “Fall Ball” team during their first game of the season. Foggy harbor behind the ball park: beautiful.

Oliver’s 2nd game was fantastic! It was really great to be able to participate in three weeks of fall baseball before we leave town. Thanks to our great coaches – we appreciate these guys more than words can say.


More dining room math and a great week of learning! Meanwhile, as you can imagine, there was a lot of after-school packing and errands going on…


Sophia worked so hard on her “Mad Minutes”  – an exercise to finish a full page of multiplication facts under a minute. Her hard work has paid off! I am particularly proud of this, as times-tables had never been a prior strength of hers.  Sophia also had her first math test this week; a great second week of school for all~!


Oliver studied Valencia this week. In the photos above, he is presenting his work (with an assistant to hold the poster!).


Sophia studied Lake Garda. These research projects have gotten us all excited for Europe.  We are all packed and ready to leave for Ibiza!

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