Traveling is All about Relationships

We are so grateful for the relationships we have made over the years and treasure them. In the sailing world, these friendships are vital to living a quality nomadic life.  We feel comfortable traveling to so many places, because we know we will be seeing friends!

This also opens up the world for the kids – they are meeting new friends in every shape, shade and culture. They are learning at a young age the importance of empathy, relationships and global understanding, all while appreciating differences in language, tradition, environment and skin color.

IMG_20140922_225357-SMILE IMG_20140922_225444

In Valencia, we dined with friends on calle Andres Mancebo, the little street of casitas where we used to live. It was on this night the kids had their first dinner in Spain with the family that they have seen in so many photos, but have little memory due to their young ages when we lived there. This was the first of many nights of re-connection for them, and wonderful for Tony and me.

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Old friends treated us to their infamous paella and a beautiful night in their home.  The kids are always happy to see each-other, playing games, swimming and inevitably learning from each-other, as they do. We enjoyed a relaxing lunch at the Tenis Club de Valencia and another fabulous meal with Auntie Eva at our favorite restaurant, Casa Montaña. We love Valencia!


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We also dined in full Italian style with Carlo, Patricia and la bella Gabriella! The restaurant was one we loved back in 2006, called Luna Rosa. There is no better way to live, then to travel and connect with friends.


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