We Christen Thee… Cortado

IMG_20141105_150505-EFFECTS IMG_20141105_132156

Built in 1973, our boat is a unique wooden-hulled Sportsman 40 HUCKINS.  

check out Huckins Yachts here

(below is the poem we read at our christening event 5 November, 2014)


Let this be our quiet place,

Our small haven from the noise and bustle of everyday.

Let us find within these walls of wind and sky

The joy of family togetherness

As well as individual moments

Of reflection, clarity, and inspiration

To rejuvenate our souls.

Let us cherish the beauty of the natural world beyond our doorstep,

Respect and delight in the sea creatures

Which will be our new neighbors.

And let the memories we create here,

The peace we find here,

Give us heart’s ease whenever we’re far

From our safe, sweet Huckins home.

We Christen thee, CORTADO.

(written by Lynne Rey 2014, adapted from Sharon Hudnell)

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