More Portugal…

I can’t help myself. Portugal was really beautiful. Portugal was rustic and proud.

To watch the Atlantic roar and thunder from the “other side” was awe-inspiring. Did I mention we had never seen the Atlantic from the east before? Funny thought. I know it is a great big ocean, but there was something familiar and powerful about watching it roll in to Portugal – knowing its other half touches our home.

2015-09-16 18.23.26-1Above Sophia and I are walking in Cascais near the Marina and fortress.

2015-09-21 15.24.57


2015-09-22 13.30.05

2015-09-22 13.41.01

Streets of Lisbon.

2015-09-22 13.27.24

2015-09-22 13.27.21 2015-09-22 13.21.38

Hands down the most fun thing we did in Lisbon was to hire a Tuk-Tuk driver/guide. Hysterical.  Here was our ride.

2015-09-22 14.07.04

2015-09-21 15.35.29

What school looks like sometimes.

2015-09-23 14.59.58 2015-09-23 15.00.34

I mentioned in last post that I would NOT show photos of the most bizarre thing I have seen in a very long time… but here it is: The Bones Chapel in Evora. So completely grossed out right now.

2015-09-23 15.02.19


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  1. Great photos of Portugal!


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