Vintage Boats and Modern Families

Cortado is part of a growing fleet of carefully restored and unique vintage Huckins. A few months ago we were in Vero Beach, Florida for a rendez-vous with other Huckins yacht owners, sharing dinners together, sundowners and stories of our adventures on the water. We also all participated in the Wheels and Keels vintage boat, motorcycle and car show at the Moorings Country Club, where we opened our boat to hundreds of ticket-holders looking to get a view of the Huckins brand.  We talked about life onboard while little visitors bounced on the bunk beds and we met some new friends in the process.

At the Vero show, we were the only boat with kids and certainly the only live-aboards. I think we also had the smallest boat there, which probably shocked most people when they learned we were wrapping up our third school year onboard.

As part of the organized festivities, we agreed to do a promotional video for Huckins, which was so much fun. We laughed at ourselves after seeing the video though we were happy to do it.  Our interviews were done just after we finished our boat’s inaugural “Open House” and we were dog-tired. The weather was humid and hot as a baker’s den. Although, the combination of high heat and our comfort there (happily docked among friends) acted as a truth-serum – we could have talked for days about our experiences and our boat!

Huckins hired Sikora Photography to do the video project. Tom and Vanessa were great to work with. They are expert outdoor-adventurers and have a keen eye for capturing intimacy and humanity in their work. While they do a lot of weddings, cultural commentaries and nature photography, their ability to film, edit and combine drone video was impressive. We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a competent creative team. They are laid back and easy to talk to, yet intensely focused on their subjects.  Their relaxed, quality style is apparent in the final product below or here

Our favorite video, though was our “Blooper Reel”… here

We looked at many boat brands before choosing Huckins. Quality and design were top on our list, but what we didn’t know then, was the family we would inherit post-purchase. A cultivated community of owners who love their boat-lives and appreciate others in an unpretentious and caring way is not something money can buy. Some people love and collect cars, stamps, baseball cards…and sometimes wooden boats.

Being a part of a larger group can give one a healthy sense of belonging. While we are all on our unique life paths, our interests and collections connect us in fresh and new ways everyday!

.“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”    – Oscar Wilde



For more details on Tom and Vanessa’s work and how to contact them, check out:  Sikora Photography  or

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  1. janiscouvreux says:

    Thank you! Loved this peek into who you all are!


    1. Lynne Rey says:

      Thank you Janis! It is great fun to be able to share these videos (especially the bloopers!)… as a matter of fact, I want to invent an app that would give me my “daily blooper reel” – Couldn’t we all use that? I would fall asleep in a giggle every night 😉


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