Solving the CUBE

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Oliver has surprised us this year by putting in an enormous amount of his free time teaching himself the Rubik’s (and other) cubes. Today, he is competing at the Daytona, Florida ERAU Speedcubing competition. For his first event, Oliver will compete in the 2x2x2, the 3x3x3 and the Pyraminx categories.  This particular event is sponsored by and is one of many cubing competitions around the US. Regardless of the result, this will be such a cool experience for him.

Go, Oliver!

Oliver’s first solo-solve with the 3x3x3, in the Gulf of Mexico, near Key West.

The day Oliver got caught cubing while driving. This resulted in immediate (temporary) firing of driving duties, a long lecture and extra chores.

As is customary in our Travel-school, we make cardboard versions of all sorts of things. On this day, Oliver made a set of cardboard cubes in various sizes (5x5x5, 4x4x4, 3x3x3, 2x2x2, 1x1x1)…

Aqua-blue ocean was no match for his attention, when there were algorithms to memorize.

Oli solved the 12-sided Megaminx for the first time somewhere between Ft. Lauderdale and Jupiter, FL.

Our collection so far, because. Cubes.

Interested in cubing?

Here are some websites to get you started:

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  1. Marilyn Keenan says:

    This is amazing….we are so proud of Oliver! Good luck in the competition. And how great that he is learning algorithms. He could look at a career in saving the rest of us from algorithm abusers who try to take advantage of us in various nefarious ways. He’d have to be better than they are, but he could be. There is a future in being the best/smartest good guy. You guys keep having so much fun!



    1. Lynne Rey says:

      Marilyn, you are spot-on. I have a LOT of faith in this next generation… and for good reason.
      Also, so cool that you and Steve were there at the beginning of his cubing career! xx


  2. Niki Gerard says:

    Congratulations Oliver !I will be sending you good vibes for the competition

    Sent from my iPad



    1. Lynne Rey says:

      Good vibes were present! (thank you) He finished mid-fleet on all three cube categories. We are so proud of him. xx


  3. Carol Hedback says:

    Go Oliver!!

    Tell us how you did today! 💞💞💞

    Sent from my iPhone



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