Curious about Homeschool?



By now, I think everyone understands that distance learning is not homeschool. They are near opposites at their core. But how to transition from one to the other?

I can help you explore this idea and provide direction for preparing your homeschool plan – whether you want to give homeschooling a try for 1 semester or 1 year or longer.  You may want to stay with your school’s distance learning plan but want to supplement that plan. I have many resources for that as well. I will answer your questions, and support you in your family’s journey based on my experiences as a homeschool mama of my own beautiful, talented kids.


Many of my favorite brave-mama friends and family members are in a difficult place right now, and several are looking at unexpectedly homeschooling. This is not an optimal way to be thrown into something you did not choose for yourself or your kids. For this group, I hear you. How can I help?

I also have friends who have been eyeing homeschool for some time now. And for them, yay! Here is your chance to give it a try!

Having homeschooled our kids for the last six years, I can tell you that not one of you are alone. And I am here for you.


Slip into a new homeschool plan this year with confidence!

 This is how it works, log on to:


We start with a 15-minute introduction call or email. You tell me about your family, kids ages and grades, and general homeschool concerns. If you want to get started, then book a 30 or 60-minute planning-session with me.

It’s that easy! We talk on phone or video-chat, and work through your top challenges and concerns. With any coaching, I will also follow up with website links, articles, and other resources that are relevant to your specific needs.


Your dining room table will never look the same again. BUT. You can do this!

This is your family. Your school.

You set it up the way that works for you, and I will support you along the way. You belong here. ♡

Go Timbalero Coaching Website link:



Please note: I am not affiliated with any programs (unless expressly stated) and will provide unbiased, informed advice based on my years of homeschool, public, and private school experiences. I will not offer legal or mental health counsel, nor can I diagnose learning disabilities.

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