Recharging our Batteries.

Arriving home from Europe was sooo nice.   No matter where you have been or how long you have been gone, there is nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed. But there was no rest for the weary here, as we had only a short two weeks to get ready to move to Florida and onto our new boat!

On our agenda was um-tine loads of laundry and basic soul replenishing… check!  We also got hair cuts, visited the gym, the dentist and chiropractor.  Tony was right back into the office, not missing a step with work:  coordinating upcoming regattas, client logistics and accounting.

We had some cruisey, jet-lag-filled days and thankfully the air started to clear just at the time of Oliver’s 9th birthday. In addition to our family party, our friends, the Lanza’s, organized a party for Oliver and their daughter Tess our first weekend back — it was great fun. The kids climbed the walls at the local rock-climbing gym and gorged on pizza, fresh fruit and Mad Hatter cupcakes. Oliver was happy to see all his friends from St. Michael’s. These kids are all so sweet — and great climbers, every one! There were a few that tried it for the first time and loved it. What a thrill to see that happen. IMG_20141019_115955



School with jet-lag was kind of hard. There is no other way to say it. I think compounded with the fact that our stay at home was temporary and every piece of luggage was being emptied and stored while new luggage was being filled… the week was a challenge.But we managed to not push ourselves too hard. We still made tremendous headway in Math and loved settling back into our old school room.  Sophia cranked up her Art History and we (each!) created binders that will be our personal Anthologies of Poetry.  SO EXCITING. I cannot explain how excited I am about this. We poured through multiple poetry books and placed post-it notes on our favorite poems (color coded, of course), then came up to the photocopier in the office and made it rain poetry.  A clear favorite in this family looks to be Shel Silverstein.



Sophia’s signs often appear during school. Studying antonyms and synonyms while using the dictionary and thesaurus…. I guess that’s kickin’ it old style, but hey, it’s a life skill.

IMG_20141020_123901 IMG_20141020_123845 IMG_20141020_123742 IMG_20141020_123637

There is nothing better than recess with Dad. Nothing.


While getting re-settled, we managed to see lots of friends. And even a St. Michael’s soccer game!

This week was about a lot of things. But most of all, it was about re-connecting with our family and friends and celebrating our thoughtful, kind, super-athlete of a nine-year old boy. We are blessed.
We are loving every minute of being home and seeing friends, but much time is also spent on planning our next phase aboard CORTADO. Tony and I have only a small window here to chart our next course.

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