Preparing for Life on the Water

This is a fabulous example (thank you artist Andy Whitlock) of our situation right now.
We have lists! So many lists.  Ok not exactly. We have one main list that Tony organizes, monitors and soundly revises and then there are the 14,000 lists that are in my head. All scattered, un-alphabetized and jammed with worry in-between the lines.  I’m so excited about our boat adventure, but also a little bit nervous.  I have a few kitchen items on my imaginary list and I can picture the sheets and blankets I want to buy to comfort us on cool Florida winter nights.  But scrawled in the margins are things like, “Can I do this?” and “What if it is too hard?”. Though I know in my heart it will all be extraordinary, as ALL our past adventures have been.  Anyone who knows me, knows very well that living on a boat will be a stretch for me.  As my sister astutely pointed out, “Hey, while you’re out shopping for boat stuff, make sure you pick yourself up a pair of SEA-LEGS!” Ha-ha very funny.  

IMG_20141024_120720 IMG_20141024_120728 IMG_20141024_122127 IMG_20141024_130645

This week in school we are learning all kinds of yacht-y things… like how to spell our names and our boat name in Code Flags. I have made a bit of a game of it, but I feel strongly knowing these Code Flags will come in handy and it will be the kids who will be able to read them far before I will.


We have also memorized the NATO-Phonetic Alphabet and what distress signals look like. Much of our lessons are about marine life and boat safety. The kids played “distress signal memory” today! So I guess that’s a good thing…

This week we purchased, organized, and packed 12 bins and duffles filled with new, clean bedsheets, blankets, kitchen things, art supplies, tennis racquets, tools, etc.  All items are en route now to Jacksonville, FL to meet up with the CORTADO.   Tony flies down Friday morning, and I will follow with the kids on Monday.  This is starting to feel real.
cortado logo
With the help of our new Jacksonville friends, we hired a painter to re-paint the interior of the boat, and have a plan to sand, prime and paint the transom to include our new boat name!

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